Patrick Swayze diagnosed with cancer

There's no escaping the Big C. Patrick Swayze's got pancreatic cancer at the age of 55 and the tabloids, sensitive bunch they are claim he's only got weeks to live.

Rubbish say the Swayze camp. 'He only has a small amount of the disease and is responding well to treatment'. Which is vague enough to mean...anything really. But for Patrick's sake we hope is true.

As far as we're concerned Swayze's still a legend. Not an office party goes by without 'nobody puts baby in the corner', getting an airing. We're still trying to find a girl in the land who didn't secretly yearn to be a leotard clad Jennifer Grey - up there on that log with Pat teaching her some moves. Alright we still do!

And could a person exist who didn't blub like a newborn at Patrick and Demi Moore in Ghost? Lets not even get started on Roadhouse...we're getting steamy under the collar just thinking about it....

Good luck Patrick - we hope you're tip top soon as. And if you can't remember just how swoonsome he was back in the day, check out the photo gallery - Patrick Swayze over the years

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