Party poopers

Although they were booted off The X-Factor more than a week ago, the terrible twins are still at large and still managing to fill up column inches. Today they’ve revealed that they are too busy concentrating on their *cough*music career*cough* to drink, smoke and take drugs.

Despite the fact that they are underage and it’s illegal to indulge in narcotics, the comedy due told The Daily Mirror: ‘We're not into that whole scene of going out and partying. We stay at home with family and friends, we don't go to clubs. We have never drunk or smoked. We're dedicated to what we do.

‘The most extreme drink we have is Coke and it isn't going to change now.’

In the interview, the pair also spoke about their future plans in the biz. If you’re not fan, it’s bad news...this won’t be the last you see of them: ‘The main focus now is music,’ said John or Edward, ‘but we'd love to do TV shows and acting, too. There is more to us than performing and singing.’

There is more to you than performing and singing? Are you sure you're not on drugs?

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