Party in the park

What do you do if you’re really rich and your father is away trying to end world hunger? Go out and get reaaaaaaaaally wrecked. Well, that’s what we’d do, but what does Peaches Geldof do? She tries to break into one of her Majesty’s royal parks. (And maybe she was a little wrecked too? Naah…)

Little Plum Geldof decided that, after going to three consecutive parties within about three hours, to go for a walk in the park. But as it was rather late at night, London’s Green Park wasn’t open, but that didn’t stop Satsuma.

All-action Nectarine decided to scale the park’s fence, but things didn’t go to plan as she got stuck in a hedge and fell. Luckily Banana didn’t injure herself, so she dusted herself off and staggered back to her car, but only just missed a big red bus - narrowly escaping being made into jam!

Oh Apricot, you really will do yourself a mischief if you carry on with these antics!

(Image: from YouTube)

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