Parky: still can't get his head round what went wrong with Meg Ryan

Michael Parkinson's interview with Meg Ryan in 2003 was the most tense, awkward 10 TV minutes ever captured on screen and 5 years on, Parky's still trying to get his head round it.

Here's what happened: Parky's saccharine sweet interviewing style (so often laced with perfectly underhand contempt) failed to win over Meg Ryan - because she was in the throws of reinventing herself as a serious actress.

From the off Parky was aggressive and bullying, and Ryan as prickly as a cactus - with as much interest in chatting to Parky and fellow guests Trinny and Susannah as she would, a cactus.

"With Meg Ryan I still can't work out what exactly went wrong," Parky told the Daily Mail. "She was promoting a film called In The Cut, which I'd seen and didn't much like. However, being an erotic thriller, it raised some interesting questions, such as what had attracted 'America's sweetheart' to such a film.

"The fact is she was uncooperative from the start. One reviewer said she 'glided from slight frostiness to naked hostility via snooty disdain'. There comes a point in an interview where it serves no purpose to continue. The only question left is why did you bother turning up and then not trying." Somebody's still sore.

If you can't remember quite how bad it was - check it out.

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