Paris's big Turkey

The funniest thing we've heard all day is that Paris Hilton thinks she built her empire 'all by herself'.

Paris private-jetted into Turkey to help judge a beauty contest and told perplexed on lookers she 'works very hard for a crust', and is a working 'inspiration' to other girls. Before skipping on stage in a thigh stroking dress for a spot of belly dancing.

Which is where we reeaally started roaring. Paris getting her groove on is worse than our elderly, make that dead nan on the dancefloor! And we know the Turks thought it too - there was no disguising the muffled clap when Pee's performance was over...

Still, least Paris is still doing her bit to shake off her lazy good for bob all heiress image. Although popping up where East meets West to judge a beauty contest and have a bit of a 'dance' around still doesn't constitute real graft to us.

Check out Hilton busting her 'sexy' moves

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