Paris throws a hissy fit

The slow decline of Paris Hilton's fame has been painful/enjoyable (delete as appropriate) to witness, but no-one has previously had the temerity to bring the subject up to her face. One brave soldier on the front-line of celebrity journalism did exactly that, comparing Paris' waning star with the ascendence of the Kardashians. This was far too much for Hilton to endure, so she stomped off, live on TV.

According to The Mirror, Paris was asked 'Do you ever worry your moment has passed?' by journo Dan Harris on ABC news. Hilton stormed off, and was overheard saying to her 'people', 'I don’t want that used.' Having been persuaded to return, the socialite then had to endure being asked the offending question again, responding through gritted teeth, 'I’ve been doing this for 15 years, so it’s important to reinvent yourself.'

Watch and squirm below:

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