Paris strips for German Maxim

Paris Hilton's been at it again. What. Real life porking on the internet? Nooo - getting her kegs off on camera. Well. Not quite kegs - but at least down to her undercrackers.

And the lucky recipients of the latest scorching Hilton pics? Ze Germans. Mz Hilton obviously thought it was time to spread some Euro love - and has treated German Maxim magazine to a steamy shoot - maximising all her bulgy bits.

Clad only in a teensy weensy leather jacket Paris is pictured on the front cover looking about as comfy as a German in a frankfurter shop. Check her out.

Now she obviously doesn't need the money. So we can only assume that by keeping her knick knacks on this time, Paris is trying to shake off the slutty heiress tag.

Either that or she wants to let people know 'the real Paris'. Apparently she's fed up to the back teeth of people thinking she's just a flighty, stinking rich socialite who does nowt but guzzle champers and get her kit off.

Might have your work cut out there Paris!

Check out Paris stripping, dominatrix style

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