Paris strips for bubbly in a can

Paris Hilton is launching her own range of bubbly that comes in a can. To promote the effervescent beverage Paris will also strip off. (You know, to make a change.) The advertisement shows Paris naked and painted gold crawling along the ground in a desert, obviously in good need of a drink. What better way to quench your thirst than a nice can of Rich Prosecco, the name of the new tipple?

Is it boring of us to point out that Paris, just six months ago, was charged and imprisoned for driving under the influence? Oh the irony. And the whole naked thing though. This really is wearing thin. After the sex tape and ladygarden-flashing, do you really think a little bit of gold flesh is going to cause a stir?

The only thing left to do is a TV autopsy by Gunther von Hagens in search of Paris’s brain, only to find a hamster rubbing together two sticks where her frontal lobe should be.

(Image: from YouTube)

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