'Paris not France' jets into Cannes

If you were just thinking that exactly what the world needs right now is a bit more media coverage of Paris Hilton, then you'll be pleased to see that a documentary about the heirhead has made its way to Cannes.

'Paris Not France' was shot three years ago by Adria Petty and charts Hilton's rise to the outer echelons of fame, from precocious young heiress to the recording of her first album in 2006.

The documentary (to air on MTV this summer) sets out to show the difficulty faced by Paris in....well hopping around the world on private jets, getting papped 24/7 and opening nightclubs. It also has all the customary monologues from armchair pundits in the biz talking about the fame game.

'Your name is now more synomymous with you than the capital of France' an overexcited exec tells her during a brand meeting. "It's not what I wanted when I was a little girl, that's not what I planned...' she murmurred about her now infamous sex tape, 'the public and the private me are just so different."

Which begs the question, if she doesn't need the cash why do it?

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