Paris, I’m On It

With a whopping 50% income tax for the rich coming into action in April, it’ll be no surprise if we see a gaggle of big name celebs swapping the British Isles for a more friendly tax haven (yes, you, Ben Elton & Stephen Fry). Well add to the relocation list, Kate Moss.

According to The Mirror, the clothes-horse has put down a deposit on a £20million Parisian apartment with the intention of upping sticks with Kills member and boyfriend Jamie Hince next year.

‘Kate has told model agency bosses she wants to be at the heart of the fashion world. After 34 years in London, Kate feels it's time for a break - and cannot wait to immerse herself in the Parisian way of life,’ says Kate’s friend.

‘Jamie has also been invited but will keep his place in the UK. Similarly, Kate will of course keep a base in London, in addition to her Cotswolds home - she doesn't want to lose touch with her roots.’

'Lose touch with her roots'? Is that a 'Kate Moss dyes her hair' exclusive?

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