Paris Hilton’s Birthday Bash

Most people want to be entertained on their birthday, but not Paris Hilton. The heiress made sure she was the centre of attention for her special day with a rehearsed stage show for all her adoring fans – friends, we mean friends…

Miss Hilton, 27, put on a burlesque show at the exclusive Pure nightclub in Los Angeles where she sang, wore very little clothing and generally writhed around trying to look sexy. To add to the spectacle Paris donned three different tiny outfits – a black PVC police uniform, a white diamante basque and a white diamante lingerie number.

Soooo Paris Hilton stripped down to her underwear and danced around singing badly. Sounds just like our last birthday – albeit after a few too many. Good to see Paris is just like the rest of us…

(Image: from YouTube)

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