Paris Hilton ‘wears pants’

Most people are in agreement that Paris Hilton has next to no skills at anything and only thanks to a lot of nepotism through her hotel owning daddy has she managed to become the definitive global I.T. girl. But if reports about her showbiz party appearance are true, then she is without doubt having the last laugh: Paris is paid an estimated $1m just for turning up, quaffing some champers and posing for a few pics.

The socialite is currently loved-up with Doug Reinhardt and the pair intend on tying the knot any day soon. Her friend, designer Richie Rich, has spilled some tittle-tattle about the airhead's new found domesticity, saying: ‘She’s the one who wears the pants in the relationship. I've never met Doug', he continued, 'but I can tell you that she wears the pants! She calls the shots! I just hope he's good to her.’

He also described Paris' ideal wedding as: ‘A huge, classical, theatric sort of wedding! She has great style and great taste.’

She has 'great style' and 'great taste'? She 'wears pants'? Are we talking about the same Paris Hilton here?

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