Paris Hilton wants a baby

When you've already got every possible thing money can buy - the only thing to want next is something free. Now what might that be? Sunshine? Can't control the weather. Water? Can't be seen getting it from the tap. Good health? Can't control nature. Except - one part. Baby making.

Paris Hilton has etched a flag in the 2009 diary with a 'must have baby' post it after going on record to say she wants to reproduce - soon.

Paris can't crank the baby machine up right now because she's busy doing useless stuff but as soon as she has a window in her 2009 diary that doesn't involve prancing around in her pants, flogging perfume or any other of the multitude of things PeeBrain gets up to on a daily basis, she'll get on to popping a sprog.

Lucky Benji Madden - we presume he's going to be the sperm doner......

Benji mumbles about Paris

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