Paris Hilton : maternity smocks & pregnancy bump

It wasn't long ago that Heiress Peebrain was spouting to anyone who'd listen about how much she wanted a baby of her own - especially now Nicole Ritchie had gone and got one.

Well although she said she'd have to wait to find a window in her 2009 diary when she wasn't doing something terribly unimportant and millionairish, that window may have popped up sooner than expected - because she's sporting a bump.

Paris has been papped in a silky green maternity dress which clings a bit too tightly around the gut, leading speculators to believe it's either a case of one too many pies and nights in on the couch with Benji, or she's a couple of months up the spout. Check out the photos.

Camp Hilton say the 'fat belly=baby belly' equation is 'totally false,' and that she's probably just a porker who suddenly only wears maternity dresses. Hmmmm. Looks like exactly what the world didn't need another of ever, might soon be on it's way...a mini Paris Hilton. Pop open the Liebfraumilch.

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