Paris Hilton in phone bill shock

Everyone knows that movie producers are pretty powerful people, but apart from hanging around on set scaring cast members what do they actually do? Well as it turns out Paris Hilton has no idea what they do either, despite being an executive producer on her last unfortunate movie flop, National Lampoon's Pledge This.

P-Brain, who is being sued by film makers for a whopping $8.3 mill after execs decided that she hadn't done enough to either promote or produce the film, hazarded a brave guess when asked to describe the role of producer in a Miami court. “I'm not sure what a producer does, but-I don't know, help get cool people in the cast?”

During the current court proceedings the socialite's financial habits have also come under the microscope. She has 'never seen a mobile phone bill' in all life and has 'no idea who pays them'. She also claims she wasn't able to meet last minute promotion deadlines because of her hectic 'appearance schedule' for which she has earned over $22million in the past 2 years. When quizzed as to how she keeps track of all her jetting and setting she explained; "I just press my name and Google it and see." Naturally.

To cut a long story short Paris Hilton lives in a Glamorama-esque fantasy land and is rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams. All of which makes for hilarious reading, but seriously is anyone actually surprised....?

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