Paris Hilton in new Coppola film

This could go either way. Will hitherto-respected film director Sofia Coppola’s involvement with Paris Hilton drag her career into the gutter, or will Hilton’s association with the Lost In Translation director bestow a little vicarious dignity on the heiress? Watch this space.

Coppola’s new project is called the Bling Ring, and stars Emma Watson and Kirsten Dunst. It dramatises the adventures of a group of teenage housebreakers who preyed on celebrities in Hollywood. Their victims included Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox.

Coppola was looking for a diamond-laden vacuous socialite to feature in the film, and didn’t need to bother about calling a casting agent. Hilton will be playing herself, which, given her obvious acting limitations, might still turn out to be a stretch.

Coppola, the only daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, established her credentials with The Virgin Suicides in 1999. She won an Oscar for her screenplay to Lost In Translation in 2003. Her subsequent works as a director, Marie Antoinette and Somewhere, divided critics, but she is regarded as one of the most innovative and hip directors working in Hollywood.

Hilton’s "acting" credentials include roles in The Hottie And The Nottie, giving a performance which earned her a worst actress prize at the 2009 Razzie Awards, and a not quite brief enough appearance in the horror film House Of Wax.

Hilton’s best-known movie appearance was in the grainy special interest film One Night In Paris, which failed to make it to the multiplexes, although it apparently had impressive viewing figures.

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