Paris Hilton : denies being denied new dog

Whoever accused Paris Hilton of not being the sharpest tool in the box is wrong. Turns out the heiress can string a sentence together, and on paper too! PeeBrain has sharpened her wick and written up a storm on her blog after being accused of a rather bizarre performance involving a dog.

So the story goes. PeeBrain was walking down a posh LA road when she saw a Yorkie pup on the street which she thought would go great as an accessory in an upcoming photo shoot. Spotting a nearby pet store, she popped in to demand a Yorkie pup of her own, only the pet shop owner wasn't too obliging. 'Dogs are for life, not just for photoshoots' he whimpered, causing a furious Peeps to yell and scream and stamp her feet. "I want that dog, bring me that dog, huff huff huff" etc etc. The story's been doing some traffic on the internet let us tell you.

Well turns out it was all a lie. "I was catching up on news last week only to read a story about me walking by some puppies for sale, and demanding that I be given a Yorkie puppy to be an accessory for a photo shoot. These stories have gotten out of control and I want to clear some things up. I wasn't looking for a new pet, I wasn't even at a photo shoot that day, (I was down the street at Benji's DCMA clothing store) and I actually have a Yorkie puppy. I love animals and the cruel things people say are not acceptable. Puppies are not accessories or toys and I love my own pets dearly–I treat them as if they were my children. It is sad that someone felt the need to invent a story about me throwing a fit for a dog that would "go with my outfit."

That clears that up then. Now check out Paris telling Ellen De Generes about the 17 dogs she does own...

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