Paris Hilton and Benji Madden to marry?

Could it be true? Could the girl who makes a living from taking off her clothes and dancing on tables want to settle down to domestic bliss.

And we aren’t talking about some random stripper either – we’re talking about Paris Hilton. Paris has been dating Benji Madden, brother of best-friend Nicole Richie’s boyfriend (anyone else think that’s a bit weird?) and it looks like they might be tying the knot.

She has recently been photographed showing off a rather large (and tacky) diamond ring in the shape of her boyfriend’s initials BM, sparking these engagement rumours. Then again, knowing Paris (we’re good friends you know), this could all be for publicity – and of course, it’s worked…

In other marriage news, Kate Moss-clone Sienna Miller is said to have allegedly accepted boyfriend Rhys Ifans proposal of marriage – so there may be some wedding bells in Primrose Hill too. Wonder if Kate Moss will be bridesmaid?

Oh yeah, by the way – congrats…

(Image: from YouTube)

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