Paris does her time

If visions of Lindsay Lohan being led to the clink still loom large in your celebrity memory bank then news of Paris Hilton's latest brush with the law will come as a big surprise. The fluffy socialite was busted for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas (where else?) last year and looked set for a spell in the big house until a kindly judge slapped her on the wrist with 200 hours community service.

Turns out Paris can sweep streets with the best of them. Actually, better than the best of them. Rather than making do with 200 hours and not a minute more, the reality queen clocked up an impressive 228hours. At her hearing this week the judge praised Paris and slammed the case closed for good.

TMZ reports: 'Paris also paid $2,000 in fines and successfully completed an 'intensive' substance abuse program.' At the time of her arrest it was also noted that the heiress was surprisingly honest about being busted with the drug. A police office who arrested her recalled that, 'during the arrest, Hilton asked to go inside the Wynn hotel for privacy. At that time, {the office said}, 'Hilton pulled out a tube of lip balm and 'a bindle of cocaine in a plastic bag came out of her purse' in plain view of police in the room. Another officer characterized it as a 'small amount.'

Unfortunately Paris' luck doesn't extend to her televisual appeal. The heiress's latest reality series, The World According to Paris was canceled due to poor ratings after one season.

Is the world getting bored of watching Paris spend wads of cash while doing a fat lot of nothing? Surely not. Hey Paris, if you want more publicity, you could always 'accidentally' get yourself banged up again. In the world of celeb nothing shouts 'look at me' more...

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