Paris begs Macca to do a duet

So last week Paris Hilton shamelessly begged Lady Gaga to do a duet with her and this week, she's pleaded with Paul McCartney for more of the same.

According to The Sun, PeeBrain sidled up to the ageing Beatle at a post Grammys bash and put it to him that they make sweet music together. Quite forgetting that she has no discernible talent, the heiress droooled; “I’d love to do a duet with you. I’m a singer too and have had an album out.”

Paris then forged on with the charm offensive, complimenting him on his hair; (“it’s just like in The Beatles. It’s so cute”) at which point Macca custard pied the heiress with some guff about a 'busy schedule.'

When will Paris Hilton stop flogging a dead donkey of a 'singing career' and start doing what she's best at - getting paid a shedload of wedge to hop around the world looking ridiculous? Really, is it that hard?

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