Paradis asks Depp to quit The Tourist over Jolie sex scene

Johnny Depp could be set to quit thriller 'The Tourist' after his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis learned details of a steamy sex scene with his co-star Angelina Jolie.

Shooting on the film has already started in Venice, however, according to reports in Life & Style magazine French singer Paradis has asked Depp, her partner of 12 years, to walk away from the project.

The film features Jolie as an Interpol agent who becomes involved with a tourist played by Depp. Life & Style has reproduced the nuts and bolts of the scene which has angered Paradis.

It features a steamy couple of minutes in which Depp and Jolie make the beast with two backs in the shower. The New York Post reports that Paradis may have got her way with Depp said to be in negotiations to walk away from the project.

Jolie famously got together with her former husband Billy Bob Thornton on the set of 'Pushing Tin' and met her current squeeze Brad Pitt while filming 'Mr & Mrs Smith'. It appears that Paradis has decided to take no chances with Brangelina’s relationship allegedly on the rocks.

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