Paparazzi hit new low on Melrose

When we thought the paparazzi couldn’t get any lower, there they go crawling around on the floor. Why? To get that money-making and pretty disgusting up-skirt shot. Ok, so certain starlets may have been flaunting the areas that should be kept covered, but this really is a step too far.

These pictures show Jessica Alba very modestly dressed, walking down Melrose Avenue minding her own business. Then along comes a photographer, who practically dives onto the floor to position his camera under Miss Alba’s dress. California law says anyone who uses a "concealed" camera to get pictures "under or through the clothing" of the subject is guilty of a crime. As the camera is behind Jessica, she cannot see it and it is therefore concealed.

Strewth. What’s next? Why don’t the paps go the whole hog and just rip the clothes off the stars they want to shoot?

(Image: from YouTube)

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