Panto Factor

Panto has been a much loved British tradition since time began. But when you think of Panto these days the first thought that springs to mind is a tacky play filled with washed-up D-list celebs struggling to get any real work. If the money wasn’t so damn good would any of them do it? No. Enter stage left - no doubt dressed as a leprechauns, Jedward.

According to reports in the Daily Star The X-Factor comedy duo have signed on the dotted line (yes, they can spell their own names) to appear in Dublin based panto the Fairy Godbrother. (No, we haven’t heard of that fairytale either). Other low-notch celebs prepared to do anything for money include Eurovsion winner Linda Martin and er, that’s it.

If that hasn’t swayed you to catch an Ryanair flight over the Irish Sea then brace yourself: the newspaper has quoted a source as saying: ‘expect songs and plenty of jokes about Simon Cowell's hair and trousers’.

Fairy Godbrother runs from December 22nd at the Olympia Theatre.

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