Pammy panto watch

Pamela Anderson made her Panto debut last night at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London and if you blinked you would have almost certainly missed it: the former Baywatch babe only managed a mere 15 minutes on stage. Playing the Genie in Aladdin, the buxom blonde showed she has no fear of being typecast when she appeared 50 minutes into the show lowered down from the rafters on a glitter surf board and dressed in a - yes, you guessed it, red swim suit.

Her first line - ‘I’m the most downloaded genie ever’ was met with ferocious guffaws from the crowd, strangely made up of middle aged baying men who couldn’t quite believe their luck at seeing their former poster favourite in all her 3D glory. Her 15 minutes of Panto fame also included a song and dance routine (cue bouncing jolly whoppers) and a rapid succession of quick fire innuendos. One drooling dad who attended the show told the Daily Mail: ‘Pamela was excellent.’

It’s been speculated that Pammy is being paid £50,000 for her two week run in the Sarf London production. Well there is a recession on....

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