Pammy Anders for Big Brother & Jungle?

After the announcement that Pamela Anderson is to make her pantomime debut in the UK production of Aladdin at the Wimbledon Theatre in December, it looks like it won’t be the only time us Brits will get to see the world’s most famous human Barbie.

According to The Daily Star, Pammy and her bouncing jolly whoppers are in the middle of a fierce TV battle between ITV and Channel 4. The two monsters of broadcasting both want her to appear in their big reality TV shows; ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ and the very last 'Celebrity Big Brother' for Channel 4.

"Pamela would be dynamite in either show. It's a case of whoever comes up with the best deal,” a reliable source told the paper. "She loves the idea of going into the jungle and getting her red swimsuit on again. But Celebrity Big Brother has a Baywatch link because they've had Traci Bingham on and she could give Pam tips."

Tips on what, how to give a good cleavage shot in the diary room? Swimsuit Pammy, swimsuit.

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