Pammy and Rick Salomon divorce

Turns out Pammy's third marriage to 'One Night in Paris' star Rick Salomon was was nothing but a sham.

The 'old friends' got hitched last year after a couple of weeks of getting to know each other more intimately - and with the ex Baywatch boober looking distinctly up the duff. But a mini Salomon never materialised and now the fickle couple are annulling each other left right and centre for issues of 'fraud'.

The whirlwind wedding lasted two months before the thrice hitched mum of two was back on the market. Should have taken the car for a test drive before you signed for the keys Pammy!

Honestly celebrity marriages these days just seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Wonder how Kate and Hincey will fare in the being married stakes - if rumours of him getting the party model down the aisle are to be believed.....

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