Pamela Anderson turns down reality TV offers

Lads? You won’t be seeing Pamela Anderson’s bouncing jolly whoppers on your TV screens afterall. there, we’ve said it. Heartbreaking we know, but the former Baywatch Barbie has ruled out an appearance on the forthcoming series of ‘I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here’. In fact she’s not even up for being humiliated in front of millions on national telly for charity on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’either.

Anderson was asked by Metro if the rumours that her two bundles of playdoh would be popping out on the reality TV show (we’ve paraphrased that question a little) and rather selfishly she said, "Hell, no! No way, no. Never. Absolutely not. No and no."

There is light at the end of the tunnel though; Pammy has filmed a show with last year's winner of I’m A Celebrity..., Joe Swash, called ‘Pamela Anderson: At Home With Joe’. The slightly odd, warts and all show kicks off on the 2nd November at 10pm on Living.

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