Pamela Anderson crashes out of Dancing on Ice after wardrobe malfunction

Poor old Pamela Anderson was the first person to be voted off Dancing On Ice on Sunday night after giving viewers a touch more than they bargained for. In a wardrobe malfunction worthy of Janet Jackson at the Superbowl, her prized assets came tumbling out of her dress as the tight little skating costume struggled to accommodate her ample cleavage.

Such a dramatic eventuality had clearly been anticipated by the wardrobe unit and when the (some would say inevitable) happened, she was wearing matching white and silver nipple covers to save a deluge of letters to Offcom as her right breast began making a break for it.

The problem was though, that as she tried to negotiate her breast back inside the dress, she was forced to take her eye off the task in hand and consequently stumbled at a crucial juncture of her routine with partner Matt Evers. The judges decided not to grant her any mercy and despite Keith Chegwin being infinitely less of a ratings draw, he and his partner Olga Sharutenko were saved after the ‘skate off’

Pamela's exit was certainly unexpected – one had assumed that the thought of her potential pulling power on ratings would have made the producers brief the judges to keep her in – but perhaps Dancing on Ice is less potentially rigged than some of its other counterparts. Bookmakers Ladbrokes, who had given her 20/1 odds to be first voted out were stunned by the development.

Although she was in the top half of the leaderboard and Chegwin was at the bottom, the stumble did seem to have been fatal. Karen Barber said: 'I'd like to save you both, but the best performance that time was Keith’, while Ashley Roberts chimed in with 'Because of the stumbles I'm saving Keith.'

Pam took to Twitter after the show to say

"Thanks for everything. Sorry I was voted off... My dress fell apart in save-me skate. Devestated [sic].

"Sorry international calls were not excepted [sic]. I couldn't vote with my own phone."

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