P45 in the post

Well this is a bolt from the celebrity blue. Kerry has dumped her new boyfriend - the handy man and all round 'nice lad' credited with helping her clean up her act. Kerry didn't post the news on Facebook either. She got her publicist to make a mature statement about the split, which she blamed on that relationship stinker: just not being in love. All in all it sounds like the first sensible decision she's made in a long time...

Actually, there was the little matter of the petrol it was costing her to drive up to Warrington to see him too. A quick peak at Via Michelin shows that the 194 mile journey up't north from Surrey, costs £18.34 each way. Motoring up and down the country twice a week was taking its toll on Kerry's already ailing finances, and when it came to a life audit, Adam's was the first head to roll.

And there's yet more evidence of a new, mature Kerry: Brian McFadden dropped the kids of at his ex wife's and even stayed for a civilised smoke and a chat. Which means they've stopped hurling insults at each other and learned to behave nicely in front of the little ones. Progress on all fronts.

What next, a stint on the X Factor judging desk? A twirl on the Strictly dancefloor....?

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