P45 Factor

We've all been there...You call your bosses pleading life-threatening illness, only to be spotted in the pub later that day. And no matter how much you insist that a whiskey and coke is medicinal, you still end up in deep bother. Or is that just us? Poor Fiona Robertson, an entertainer at Wookey Hole caves in Somerset pulled a sickie. However, the (slightly idiotic) girl then auditioned for XFactor wearing her Wooky witch's outfit, and was promptly recognised by her bosses.

The Director of Wookey Hole caves was clearly not letting the chance to plug his beloved grotto pass him by, telling The Daily Mail, 'We have been extremely pleased with how well Fiona has settled in and taken to the role - she has an enchanting way with people. But we now feel very let down and cannot believe that she has used her fame from Wookey Hole Caves to further her career whilst still working for us. We feel we have been used. I was genuinely shocked when I saw her in the papers, she was even wearing her Wookey Witch costume. And to think she may have taken a day's sick leave as well to attend the audition, this is just totally unacceptable and we are considering disciplinary action.'

It sounds like the poor girl's in a Hole lot of trouble...

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