Ozzy Osbourne on the road

Residents of southern California, make sure you're extra vigilant in the rush hour traffic, ‘because a doddery old man who goes by the name of Osbourne has passed his driving test. So he might bump into you really lightly or something while he tries to reverse out of his driveway.

Still, after 18 unsuccessful attempts it’s hard not to feel good for the heavy metal icon, even if any semblance of menace has long since disappeared from his persona and he now more closely resembles that uncle you only ever see tucking into the vodka while shaking ever so slightly, at Christmas.

‘For the first time in my life I'm legal to drive - so watch out,’ he stuttered, before recalling how was mostly too drunk to ever pass his test before. ‘I would go for my test - they would see me and go, “No, Mr Osbourne! Come back another day - I'm not even getting in the car with you.”

‘I'd be walking around the test centre with a bottle of vodka in my pocket.’ Don’t try that at home kids.

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