Ozzy for X Factor?

We've had everyone from Mel B, to Lily Allen to our gran touted as possible replacements for Simon Cowell on X Factor, and now another unlikely name has been tossed into the ring. Ozzy Osbourne has been suggested for the UK judging panel, and sources say it could be a sure thing.

A secretive TV insider told The Sun, 'Ozzy would be a controversial choice but he can really bring something different to the show. Sharon was a big hit and we think Ozzy can do well too.'

However, were the bat-eater to be brought onto the show, he might be made to repent for his former criticism of X Factor. Back in the day, Ozzy sneered, 'It's about killing music to make light entertainment. It should be about music and talent but it's not.' But would the million quid pay-packet make him see differently? Our money's on 'yes'...

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