Own a piece of Chezza

If you've always dreamt of sashaying round your bedroom in one of Cheryl Cole's cast-offs, singing 'Love Machine' into your hairbrush, and pretending your cat is Simon Cowell, then your prayers may be about to be answered. Cheryl is auctioning her clobber on Asos.com, with the money going to The Prince's Trust.

Cheryl told Vogue, 'I'm going to miss all of the outfits I have given because they each have a different story and memory attached to them. I've been thinking for a long time about starting a charity and I have always admired the work of The Prince's Trust so when I approached the director of my charity and she told me we could run my foundation in association with them it seemed natural because the people they help and the work I want to do are so similar. I know we can make a real difference. The clothes auction came about because I knew auctioning clothes would make some money for the charity but also I'm lucky enough to own some amazing clothes which I know would be very beneficial to someone else.'

So, what are you waiting for? Get bidding!

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