Out of his league

He’s the first to admit he has the perfect face for radio but ironically has become the most watched person on British telly (over 9 billion on last count, apparently) and as his popularity grows so do the rumours that Adrian Chiles is once again dating his One Show co-host Christine Bleakley.

The big friendly giant (that’s Adrian, not Christine) told Croatian Times that’s he’d be interested in his co-host but (correctly) thinks that she’s ‘out of his league’;

‘It was like West Brom being linked with Ronaldo or something. Look at her, and look at me. West Brom might quite like to sign Ronaldo but it is simply not going to happen.’

Adrian, 42 who recently divorced added; ‘It's one of the worst situations life can throw at you. But I haven't given up. I just want someone to take care of me.’

The Adrian Chiles isn't just for Christmas campaign starts here.

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