Our theory on Britney

Normally we try and steer clear of speaking about Britney Spears on StyledLife. After pages and pages dedicated to the blonde bombshell on a daily basis we guess you'd be getting a little fed up.

That said, we wanted to tell you about our latest Britney Theory. We all know that the music business is about shifting records, right? And we know that the PR gurus are spinning the stories and getting their clients into the press as much as possible to encourage people to buy said records.

The whole debacle with Britney's apparent new found fascination for paparazzi photographers is starting to shriek "PR STUNT!". She may well be losing her marbles, bless her, but hooking up with paparazzi when her single "Piece of Me" is about the very same, is, to put it lightly, taking us for a ride.

We don't believe Adan Ghalib was ever her boyfriend (whether he knew it or not). Nor that she was thinking of converting to Islam. Nor that she thought she was pregnant with his child. Nor any of the other rumours (including those about her latest photographer victim, Philippe).

So there you have it. Our Britney Theory is this: Her entire life in the papers is fabricated to shift records. Even the latest video footage of her in a car, getting a photographer to jump in smacks of fake (watch it below) Any thoughts?

(Image: YouTube)

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