Our lives are in danger

X Factor reject Gamu Nhengu has revealed that she thinks her life will be in danger if and when she returns to Zimbabwe. The singer, who has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding her visa and was almost certainly dumped from the show because of it, has said that she fears that she will be targeted by Robert Mugabe’s death squads as punishment for fleeing the country.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror the Zimbabwean, who came to Britain on her mother’s visa, said that she doesn’t blame Cheryl Cole for being knocked out of the competition, and that she didn’t think she was the one who made the final decision to eliminate her from the final 12 line up.

‘Everything is in tatters for me,’ she said. ‘It’s like I’m being sent home to a firing squad and they’re putting me in front of it. They will punish us if we go back. Our lives are in danger.’

‘I don’t blame Cheryl for what’s happened. It’s not Cheryl’s fault – it can’t have been her decision alone. But X Factor was my dream. It was my hope for the future.

‘I couldn’t believe it when Cheryl looked up and told me I wasn’t going through. I was devastated. I was really shocked... I thought I’d really done myself justice. I hadn’t read any of the stories about me being favourite but I thought there was a good chance. I’m not big-headed but I know I can sing.’

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