O'Shea and IDM push on to the finals in Got to Dance

After Tom Hughes-Lloyd and Lukas McFarlane were the first two dance act to get into Got to Dance 2013 in the February 10th semi-final, 11-year old Rory O’Shea and street dance crew IMD Legion (Intelligent Minds Dance) made it through last Sunday’s Live 3 show.

The two acts received the most public votes with their performances so they too will be part of the 30 finalists that will get a chance to compete for the £250,000 prize that will go to the winner of the talent show during the grand finale, scheduled for March 17th.

Comedic rap duo Hashtap with their hilarious fitness routine received two red stars, as judge Ashley Banjo said of them, “You guys literally are geniuses. If French and Saunders could dance … You use all your attributes, physical, mental – you are mental – you use everything and you put it in to this routine and you’re not afraid to be who you are. But I’m a judge on a dance show for a quarter of a million pounds so I have to look at your technical dance ability, and if that matched up to your comedy you’d be unstoppable, but it doesn’t.”

Contemporary group G-Nome got their gold stars from the judges, but didn’t win over a demanding public, while Wild G got a red star from judge Kimberly Wyatt, and female commercial group Poison that dances in heels, which is no mean feat, shone with three bright gold stars.

Rory O’Shea received kudos from Ashley Banjo who said of the young street dancer, “If I was wearing a hat I would take it off. It’s always a worry that you can focus too much on the technique and not the performance, but you performed your socks off” with Aston Merrygold adding, "Star quality! For a little man, you filled that stage. You're a little kid, with a big heart and even bigger talent!"

IMD street crew with their three gold stars were told by Kimberly Wyatt, “You are not messing around. You completely smacked it. You put your heart and soul into each move and it was just so believable."

Wyatt also performed to her brand new single My Derriere to an amazing dance routine before the final results came in.

Got To Dance continues on Sky 1 next Sunday at 6.00pm.

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