Osbournes to sell off possessions for colon cancer charity

It’s a lovely gesture – flogging loads of stuff from your three enormous homes to raise money for your favourite charity. Sharon Osbourne – in remission herself – is holding an auction to raise funds for colon cancer sufferers.

Can you imagine the sort of thing that’s going to be on offer, though? We suspect a lot of satanic stuff, if Ozzy’s past on-stage antics are anything to go by. Crucifixes, implements of torture, death masks etc.

Thing is – we know what goes on in the Osbourne’s house, thanks to their hilarious fly-on-the-wall documentary series. And what goes on is a whole lot of peeing and pooing all over the house and its contents – not by Ozzy but by their menagerie of dogs, cats and other pets.

Still fancy bidding for a rug or a cushion?

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