Os-bourne Ultimatum

Another celebrity love match has gone the way of the dodo and The Spice Girls - Kelly Osbourne and her young pup of a fiance have parted ways. Apparently he was the cheating party. This being a Kelly Osbourne split, matters have not panned out in a quiet and restrained fashion, with weeping going on behind net curtains. Kelly has waged war on both Twitter and Facebook.

Kelly tweeted: 'Thank you all so much for your support but the matter is private and will not be commenting enough damage has already be done.' But earlier in the day, she wasn't quite so polite, posting the facebook update: 'Luke Worrall makes me sick.'

A few hours, and possibly glasses of wine and renditions of 'I Will Survive' later, Kelly wrote on twitter: 'I have decided to comment through song and i believe en vogue says it best' linking to the song My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It). The lyrics include such gems as 'I remember how it used to be, You never was this nice, you can't fool me, Now you talkin' like you made a change, The more you talk, the more things sound the same, I just sit back and watch you make a fool of yourself. Cos you're just wasting your time.'

Kelly, perhaps your next move should be to express your feelings through the medium of contemporary dance?

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