Orlando Bloom over Bieber row as he parties with Swedish stunner in Ibiza

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Orlando Bloom has been letting his hair down in Ibiza with the stunning Swedish model Lykke Glommen. After hitting the news last week for attempting to punch Justin Bieber over a smart comment about Miranda Kerr, Orlando was in pure fun mode with Glommen and life looked to be good for them both.

The duo partied long and hard into the night on the island of Formentera. They could be seen cuddling, giggling and dancing away while clearly enjoying each others company. A source revealed to US Weekly that Orlando is "really taken" with Glommen. The source added "He was spending a lot of time with her and got her info. He is planning on seeing her again."

The pair even found time to take a romantic little trip on a jetski where the Swedish stunner drover and Bloom wrapped his legs around her and hung on for dear life behind. It's a good job he has had plenty of experience on the open sea thanks to his role on Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Lord of the Ring's star had a little tussle with Bieber last week and he appeared to throw a punch at the Canadian superstar. There is reportedly major tension between the two guys due to Bloom's friendship with Bieber's ex Selena Gomez as well as Bieber's connection to Orlando's ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

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