Orange with rage

The celebrity world’s classiest former couple, Kerry Katona and Mark Croft, have been going again at it, this time over the supposed theft of stuff from Katona’s house that Croft committed. Apparently Katona’s estranged husband took a sunbed, her nine-year-old daughter’s piano and other stuff from the gaff in posh Wilmslow, Cheshire, something that Katona considers theft, while Croft claims her solicitor told him he could collect his things from the house.

‘As far as she was concerned there was no need for Mark to enter,' said a source. 'Kerry left a lot of valuables behind in the house. She knew Mark had a key but told him to stay away, and changed the code on the alarm.

‘Kerry's solicitor wrote to mine and said I could collect my belongings she had left behind,’ said Croft. ‘I went to the house as agreed and let myself in using my key. The house looked like it had been ransacked when I got there - I didn't break a thing. When I looked around I realised Molly's piano and a sunbed had been left behind. I didn't want them taken if the house was repossessed. I wouldn't do anything to hurt Molly.’

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