Oprah gets weepy with Piers

Piers Morgan in recent years has made his name by forcing celebs to weep on telly, a clever move resulting in us plebs viewing them as more human. Now he's transfered his special nack for driving famous people to blub, to the US, where he's just taken over the Tonight show from Larry King. And who better to open the show with than Oprah?

When Piers brought up the subject of Martin Luther King, the waterworks began. Oprah sobbed, 'Now you are going to make me weep. I could weep over that...I would because I hold him in reverence. And I know that I would not be here... this life... the dream that I live in, would not be possible if he hadn't had been who he was.'

As one of the biggest shows in TV, every US paper had an opinion about Piers Morgan's first show. And the verdict was mixed, with EW.com saying, 'As for whether the 'new boy' is a worthy replacement for Larry King...come on, you didn’t watch Larry King Live, did you? Simply by having facts about his subject at hand and speaking coherently, Morgan aced King on his opening night.' While the Washington Post criticised Pier's approach, saying, '[Morgan] was by turns charming, vain, well informed, and fawning - but mostly just fawning.'

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