Operation 'deny surgery'

Since Shane Warne started dating Liz Hurley, he's been spotted looking remarkably erm, 'fresh faced' around the eyes. This, coupled with dramatic weight loss and a wardrobe overhaul has led many to suspect that he's completely under the thumb. Shane has now realised that a lot of his popularity was based on his reputation as a beer-swilling, cuddly loud-mouth, and has launched a fight back. Warne is now touring the country denying that he's succumbed to plastic surgery.

Shane told The Daily Mail, 'I've got some wrinkles, I have never even had a consultation with a plastic surgeon. I don't think it's right or fair to the public to portray me as a person with no wrinkles. I've got some legal advice on that at the moment. Some pictures have been doctored. That's illegal in this country.I haven't changed one bit.

However, Warne managed to contradict himself in the next sentence, saying, 'I'm no longer the 30-year-old bloke who used to sit in the changing room and have beer and pies. I still do that but I'm 42 and maturing now. I still like my beans in the morning. Or my spaghetti on toast. I'm around 78 kilos at the moment. I'm running. I'm fit, I'm strong. I was around 92kg when I was playing. I think Liz is annoyed about reports she's the person who's changed me. Elizabeth Hurley hasn't got her high heels in the middle of my back saying, 'You must do 100 push ups' and, 'You can't do that'. It's absolute rubbish. Suddenly people see you with Elizabeth Hurley and they see you mixing with some of her friends and they think, 'Where's this Aussie guy who had a pie and beer in his hand gone?'

You took the words straight out of our mouths, Shane...

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