Oops... you can never see Britney again

Britney Spear's love life is a lot like your slightly unhinged mate who's desperate to get married at any cost's bedroom travails: complicated; a symptom of clear and identifiable childhood traumas; and really very boring indeed. Only your mate doesn't end up with the paps halfway up her skirt every time she walks out of her house, and the details aren't slobbered over by cynical tabloid hacks and commentators (like us) who just don't understand the real her, or any notion of privacy.

Anyway, the latest twist in her love life is a California judge slapping a restraining order on ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, who - according to the NME - as of yesterday is not allowed to make any kind of contact with Ms Spears, her family or sons for three whole years. Why on earth she started dating a man who was following her around with a camera is hard to fathom, but you live and learn, eh?

Incidentally Ghalib is also facing felony charges for a number of things, most notably assault with a deadly weapon, after allegedly hitting someone who was trying to serve him the restraining order papers. It's all go, isn't it?

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