When you've just split up with a fellow celeb who's miles ahead of you in the celebrity ranking system, and you're trying to show the world that you're positively relieved to be well shot of 'that loser', perhaps getting yourself arrested for over-tippling at lunch-time isn't the best choice of behaviour. Sky Sport's Georgie Thompson, who dated Declan Donnelly last year, has been arrested after meeting a pal for a boozy lunch, then (duh), getting into her car and pootling around London.

A source told The Daily Mail 'Georgie is utterly devastated as you can imagine. She'd been at a friend's house for lunch and had had a few drinks early on. Georgie stopped drinking after a while and when it was time to go home she figured she would be OK. She was not staggering around drunk or anything.' Her spokeperson said, 'We can confirm she was pulled over for being over the limit at the weekend.'

The shock arrest comes two months after Georgie split up with Declan Donnelly. Speaking about the break-up, the Sky Sports presenter said, 'It's been painful. At the moment, the party line is that we’re really good friends and really support each other. But it’s been tough, it’s really tough. It’s a really hard thing to live out a painful break-up when you’re in the public eye. It hurts but we have to be grown-up. The split came like a bolt out of the blue. We’re in the public eye and have a responsibility to be fair post-anything that may have happened.'

Georgie might have to rely on the London routemaster for the foreseeable future...

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