Ooops! Lily announces Jaime Winstone / Alfie Allen engagement at GQ Awards

It used to be that if you wanted to announce your engagement, you'd put a notice in The Times and wait for the congratulations (and the presents) to come rolling in. Not so for little Alfie Allen.

He just had to mention the fact to his blabbermouth of a sister and before you could say "Alfie Allen and that other celebrity sprog Jamie Winstone are getting hitched", yesiree she's leaked it to the world and his wife at the GQ awards. Lils also found time to get ratted on stage and pee off Elton.

So, realising that she has a hotline to millions of newspaper readers, and feeling sure that she's a keen Excite browser, I'd just like to let her know that I've got a fridge/freezer for sale, hopefully she'll let everyone know.

Check out Lily making a tit of herself at the GQ Awards.

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