Ooh, you tease!

X Factor's Cher Lloyd was pretty miffed when her first single, the oddly named 'Swagger Jagger' was leaked online, but now she's got in on the act with some leaking of her own. The lairy lass from Malvern posted an eight-second teaser of her video online, and the response was, er, mixed to say the least.

Rapper Example is not a fan, telling the The Daily Mail, 'Cher Lloyd's single has been leaked. The biggest crime since she got a record deal. It’s all manufactured which is fine, cause that’s what a lot of pop music is. but they could have put her in with all the best songwriters in the world but the best they could come up with is 'get on the floor floor floor, get on the floor' and 'Swagger Jagger' which means absolutely nothing. So I think its back to the drawing board for her and her record label.'

Cher seemed undaunted by the criticism, tweeting, 'Well we all knew I'd get mixed reviews! I'm still proud, my dream came true. Thanks for all the support! Xxxx' She might not be so upbeat when the single actually gets released...

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