Ooh, you rebels

When the Arctic Monkeys decamped to LA in order to record their new album, they rented a swanky flat in the Hollywood Hills. The sojourn appears to have been a great success, with offers flooding in from the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Larry Flynt for private performances. However, it looks unlikely that the Sheffield rockers will get their deposit back after they vacate the apartment; apparently the naughty Monkeys have been (shock!) smoking indoors, a move which has angered their landlords.

A source told The Sun,'They left the place looking pretty messy as you might expect with a bunch of guys. But it's the smell that's the problem. It stated in the rental contract they were not allowed to smoke indoors. But the house and the furniture stink of smoke. The smell is so bad furniture and other items may have to be replaced. If that is the case they can expect to be charged.'

Boys, consider yourselves reprimanded...

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