Only Joss’ing

British R&B singer Joss Stone has spoken out about her experience of being the target of an alleged kidnapping plot earlier this year.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight the super cool singer explained that she was now ‘fine’ and even went as far as to say that the bizarre episode has made her life ‘more interesting’!

Police arrested two men last month after they were found near Stone’s house in Southwest England, reportedly carrying swords and a map of the 24 year old star’s property. Whilst this would be enough to send most mortals into mental breakdown mode the singer casually brushed off the polices’ findings - which included the discovery of notes detailing plans to ‘rob and kill’ Stone and ‘find a river to dump her in’.

She responded to the incident by saying: ’People are mental, man. But it's alright. This is another story I can add to my list of stories. It makes my life so much more interesting. You can't fret about things that didn't happen, it just seems a bit silly.’

Showing the resilience of, well, a stone the star even joked that she now has an excuse to get more dogs to up her security levels and suggested that she was flattered to be at the centre of such an outlandish plot. She added light-heartedly, ‘I don't know how, but I'm figuring it out.’

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