Only Fools And Horses prequel details

At its peak Only Fools And Horses was watched by over a 3rd of people in the UK (to put that into perspective, for The X-Factor it’s about a 7th), and with it universally agreed that it’s one the greatest sit-coms of all-time you can see why it’s a cash-cow worth milking, er, till the cows come home.

Now it’s been announced there is to be a prequel to Only Fools And Horses, titled Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Chips and will star Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney’s biological dad Freddie ‘The Frog’ Robdal.

"Nick Lyndhurst is a comedy genius and I can't think of anyone better suited to bring the shady but charming Freddie Robdal to life,” said John Sullivan, the creator, writer and genius behind the Peckham family.

The feature length special will star James Buckley from Inbetweeners as the teenage Del Boy. A young Boycie, Trigger and Denzel and are also set to make an appearance. Let's hope it’s a little better than the Boycie spin-off 'The Green Green Grass'.

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